Saturday, October 15, 2011


Portland Head Light
As promised, Jake and I went to Maine for five days to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e.  A little known fact is that despite being together forever this trip marked the first time we flew on a plane with each other.  Isn't that strange?  

Anyway, we left for Boston at o'dark thirty and once there, took the "downeaster" to Portland.  Portland is a foodie town right on the water.  There are tons of shopping boutiques, breweries, restaurants, and art galleries... it's definitely my kind of town.  We did a little shopping and a lot of eating and walking around for two days, it was the perfect balance.

Next on the list was Newry which was a couple hours from Portland and is best known for the Sunday River ski resort turned Fall festival when we passed through.  This town made it on our list as a way to break up the trip and gave Jake an opportunity to get some exercise in by signing up for their 12 miles Mountain Epic trail run.  He asked if I wanted to do it (or one of the shorter distances) but I think you all know what my answer was.  He ended up doing well despite spending the first 30 minutes straight running uphill and having to climb 8 summits total.  Are you starting to see how appropriate naming the race, Mountain Epic, was?  (As a side note, Jake is using the word "epic" way too much since we've been home).

After just one day in Newry, we finally made our way to Bar Harbor... and it was worth the wait!  There wasn't a thing about the town of Bar Harbor that I didn't like.  We rented a small cabin close to Acadia and spent most of our time in the park sightseeing.  I have a good story to share about one of our park adventures but that's worthy of its own blog, so stay tuned.

We wrapped up the trip by driving back down the coast, stopping in Freeport, and spending just a few hours in Portland again before catching the bus back to Boston.  I had such a great time and was happy to celebrate our anniversary together in such a fun place!  If Maine isn't already on your radar as a travel destination it should be now.  I could tell you more if you're interested... for now enjoy a handful of photos from our trip!

Bass Harbor Head Light
Barn in Newry
Sand Beach in Acadia

Thunder Hole in Acadia
View from the top of Cadillac Mtn in Acadia


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