Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fall Travels

Where did Fall go?  Since the end of October I've been lucky enough to travel to Louisville, KY; Las Vegas; Key West; & Hawaii.  Yes, Hawaii... more on that later.

Las Vegas was for work, but fun all the same and Louisville and Key West were for weddings.  One wedding felt country with touches of Fall and an intimate dinner as the reception.  The one in Key West was quite the opposite- with the rehearsal dinner on a sunset cruise and the wedding and reception on a dock with dancing, a guacamole station, and plenty of margaritas.  Each was perfect for the couple and so much fun.  But between these trips and other things over the past few months, the season flew by and before I knew it we were kicking back on a beach enjoying a big kid vacation in Hawaii.

I'm going to designate a separate post to that trip because there are just too many details (and photos) to share.  For now, here are some pics from my travels leading up to our vacation in paradise.


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