Monday, September 16, 2013

From Street to Chic Dresser Makeover

Finding furniture on the street that has real potential is a rarity (it's only happened to me once)- but when you do it's awesome.

Jake came across this piece while on a run in our old neighborhood and was so proud of his find.  I still remember walking through the door to find him (and it) waiting for me right in the middle of our dining room.  The bottom drawers were difficult to open/close and one of the top drawers had a hole in it- none of which have been repaired.

I liked the distressed look so I left it untouched for a few months.  As a matter of fact, it was serving as storage space in our laundry room until I needed a space to create a mimosa bar for a bridal shower.  Since my search for a unique piece hadn't turned anything up, I decided to pull it out to see whether it could work.  As you can see, beside our new dining room table it looked a lot less distressed and a lot more gross.

I decided to sand it, add a coat of powder paint (like Annie Sloan, but made locally), and replace some of the hardware.  It was warm enough that I did a few coats and had it back inside after a few hours.  The hardware is  from Target and allows you to label what's in the drawer.

What do you think?  It definitely served it's role for the mimosa bar set up.  Do you think I should keep it in the dining room or put it back and pull it out when entertaining?  It's easy to move because it's on casters, but I'm torn.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wine Review: The Good, the Great, and the Gross

Let me start off by saying that I am not a wine connoisseur but I do drink it often enough to start comparing.  If this sounds like your level of expertise too then I think you'll appreciate the following three reviews.

The Good: Cloud Break
Type: Chardonnay
Region: California
Cost: $9.99 at Total Wine
The Story: I tried this wine at an "Over and Under" wine tasting and it was hands down my favorite white overall and was well liked by everyone at the table.  My notes from the event were that it was light and refreshing- a great summer wine and perfect to bring to a dinner with friends, as it was sure to be a crowd pleaser.  I've definitely been craving it since that tasting too, so that says something.
#Summary: #yesplease

The Great: Evolution 
Type: Nine Grape White Blend
Region: Oregon
Cost: $14.99 at Total Wine, $17.99 Target (not always in stock)
The Story: I first tried this wine a few years ago during a date night with Jake.  We hit up a little wine bar in Norfolk that we heard offered an open bottle night tasting.  The rumors were true and the tasting description was spot on- you picked white or red and for $10 could try ever open bottle in that category. Awesome... I know.  If you really liked something, all you had to do was ask for another glass and you got one.  Even more awesome. Evolution, was my absolute favorite out of everything we tried.  It is not too sweet, a little crisp, fruity, and refreshing.  I was surprised to see it at $15 bottle because when I've gone to buy it in the past it's been more, which is why I've mainly received it as a gift from friends and only picked it up for special occasions.
#Summary: #haventfoundawhitetotopityet

The Gross: Firecracker
Type: Red Blend
Region: California
Cost: $9.99 at Target
The Story: I recently picked this up from Target because it was on sale, the label was fun, and we had seriously depleted our wine supply somehow.  My girlfriend came over after work and we decided to try it out.  Note, if you don't care for the smell of maple syrup you will hate this wine.  I didn't think I was opposed to it, but theres something about catching the scent of it with each sip that was simply too much for me.  It was gross.  It's only redeeming quality was that it was better when paired with food- my friend and Jake actually enjoyed it.  However, it offers no absolutely no appeal apart from it and isn't something I'll purchase again.
#Summary: #neveragain

Have you tried any of these wines before?  I'd love to know if you did and whether or not you agree with my review.  If you haven't, I'd love to hear what you have tasted recently and what you did or didn't like about it.  At the very least, your tips may prevent another firecracker experience. #wecanonlyhope

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Updo or don't

Maybe it's the planner in me, but I'm knee deep in wedding festivities and am l.o.v.i.n.g. it.  It's not just planning for the shower either- I had so much fun in Charleston, SC for my girlfriend's bachelorette party and have loved weighing in on wedding ideas.  I took the friday before my friend Ashley's wedding off and got really excited when she emailed that day's agenda as well as the itinerary for the entire weekend.  I mean who doesn't love manis, pedis, mimosas, cake and getting dressed up? Seriously.

However, amidst all the excitement I'm starting to panic a bit about my hair.  We're in these beautiful orange, flowy, floor length dresses and the bride is providing gold jewelry and our sandals.  So, literally all I am responsible for is choosing a hairstyle... and I'm struggling.  What do you think about the below looks?  Go ahead, cast your vote- it would really help me make a decision and move on to bigger and better bridesmaid responsibilities.

Option 1: Messy 

Option 2: Curly to One Side

Option 3: Curly Straight Back

Option 4: Braided 


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