Monday, September 16, 2013

From Street to Chic Dresser Makeover

Finding furniture on the street that has real potential is a rarity (it's only happened to me once)- but when you do it's awesome.

Jake came across this piece while on a run in our old neighborhood and was so proud of his find.  I still remember walking through the door to find him (and it) waiting for me right in the middle of our dining room.  The bottom drawers were difficult to open/close and one of the top drawers had a hole in it- none of which have been repaired.

I liked the distressed look so I left it untouched for a few months.  As a matter of fact, it was serving as storage space in our laundry room until I needed a space to create a mimosa bar for a bridal shower.  Since my search for a unique piece hadn't turned anything up, I decided to pull it out to see whether it could work.  As you can see, beside our new dining room table it looked a lot less distressed and a lot more gross.

I decided to sand it, add a coat of powder paint (like Annie Sloan, but made locally), and replace some of the hardware.  It was warm enough that I did a few coats and had it back inside after a few hours.  The hardware is  from Target and allows you to label what's in the drawer.

What do you think?  It definitely served it's role for the mimosa bar set up.  Do you think I should keep it in the dining room or put it back and pull it out when entertaining?  It's easy to move because it's on casters, but I'm torn.


  1. It looks SO good! Love it! You are quite the little DIYer lately! :)

  2. It does look great! I love your mimosa bar set-up, too.



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