Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Late than Never!

My latest obsession is the Twilight series...and yes I know, I'm a little late in the game. The truth is that I wasn't really interested in all the buzz despite so many of my co-workers reading it, for no particular reason, I just wasn't. Now, I can hardly hold back my excitement to get through the series, and my head is still spinning as a result of the new obsession!

It all started this past Saturday when I was babysitting. After I put the two boys down to sleep, I was looking for something to watch and wasn't sure how to work their tv. You know the feeling when you approach several digital boxes with 3+ remotes, it's terrifying. Well anyway, thank goodness a dvd had been running already so all I had to do was find a dvd to switch it with- I simply couldn't watch God Created Animals for the fifth time! Anyway, low and behold I see the Twilight dvd perched pretty on top of the tv and I thought, why not? I mean I heard it was a longer movie and I had almost 3 hours to kill so I put it in...and that's when it started. Immediately I found myself completely engaged in the film- in the love story, their characters, etc. etc. I WAS HOOKED!!!

The movie finished, and I asked the parents to borrow it. Who am I? I had already seen it and I usually try to leave a big enough gap between repeat watchings so that I can kind of forget the details. But no, not this time- I had to see it again. So as creepy as it sounds, I watched it again that night! I was up until 2am wide awake and mesmerized...still!

Sunday I woke up and knew what I had to do...buy the first book, immediately! I went out and got it as soon as the store opened, disguising the reason for my errand with a trip to the grocery store. I came back into the house beaming in light of my new purchase! Next, I persuaded my Dad to go see the second movie with me, New Moon, while it was still in theaters. It was ok, the ending made me even more determined to read the books and catch up- I HAD TO KNOW HOW THINGS FINALLY ENDED. Late that afternoon I started reading, taking a short break for dinner, only to return to my book and comfy corner of the couch afterwards. I finished the book the following day and am already looking forward to starting the second tonight!

Please keep in mind, I wouldn't describe myself as an avid reader by any means. Everything that has taken place since Saturday is truly not like me, but I'm sort of enjoying it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

DVR...it'll change your life

Jake and I may have been a bit excessive this year when we opted for the DVR system as part of our cable package each month. However, now that we have it, I don't know that we could go without! I mean do you have DVR or something similar at your house? If you do, then you know what I'm talking about...if you don't, you may not want to read on for fear of catching the DVR bug- which there is currently no cure for. Trust me when I say, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I honestly don't think I watch "live" tv anymore and apart from SportsCenter, I don't think Jake does either. As a matter of fact, we'll wait 15-20 minutes after a show we want to watch starts, just so we can view the recorded version and fast forward the commercials. Yes, avoiding commercials to us outweighs the pleasure of viewing that long awaited weekly episode at it's specified airtime! That's crazy!

You may be wondering what inspired me to blog about our DVR dependency, so let me tell you. Lately, we have noticed a green and pink bar that runs across our tv screen. After much troubleshooting, we have confirmed it has to be a result of the cable box/DVR- which is good in the sense that we don't want problems with a new tv, but bad in that fixing the problem may call for replacing our current box. This can't happen for two reasons: one, it would mean having to let go of all the recorded shows and movies that we're currently hoarding...and I just don't think I can do that, I'm not strong enough. And two, it requires a temporary separation of our tv from a recording source...without a back up! The challenge that lies ahead is a tough one, we ask for your prayers.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


On the second Wednesday of each month a group of twelve ladies get together to play BUNCO- a dice game based on zero skill and 100% luck. Well, I happen to be part of this elite twelve, the youngest part for sure (our group average age would be 42 if I took a guess) and really enjoy this monthly, dinner provided, $10 buy-in, sometimes victorious event. Anyway, this past week got a little crazy!

As usual, my sister Dani was a bit obnoxious in her loud counting of points and opponent trash talking, but I never saw the reaction of my teammate coming...never! Long story short, we rolled and wiped out (this is where you lose all your points) in the last round of the game. Well, I made some comments about how the game wasn't over yet etc. etc. Low and behold, my sister threw the dice and wiped out too! So just when I thought things couldn't get any better, my teammate rolls and starts YELLING her points...and yes I mean yelling- it was startling to say the least. After my sister had an unsuccessful roll, my teammate preceded to shout out her lack of points and threw both fists down on the table- bouncing the dice up and off! Keep in mind, we're not at a WWE event- this is a small suburban home and this behavior is coming out of a 4ft. 9 grandmother of two, approximately 57 years of age.

This story ends with a loss for me and my teammate and the inability to look at Penny the same ever again.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Too Much

I have recently learned that I can be entirely too much sometimes. I have good intentions, I really do, but I just easily get carried away or invested in things and it can be a lot to take in, poor Jake.

For example, Jake has been interviewing for some PT jobs in the Hampton Roads area and I've taken that to mean I should start looking for a new apartment here (on the off chance we stay). WHAT? How do two interviews warrant this behavior? I HAVE NO IDEA...it's just my nature- I take possibilities and start making plans.

I mean it is a little embarrassing to think how far I can take an idea- I'd be lying if I told you that I haven't looked at the costs to buy houses in this area...that's right, buy a house, not rent! I mean who does that? Right now, it is just as likely that we'll move as it that we'll stay- so why house shop? It's really just to get an idea of what rooting here will look like financially, but it is still totally premature- I have a serious problem.

Now that I know this about myself I'm going to have to be really careful not to let my Type A tendencies sway Jake as job opportunities present themselves...seriously, my lips are sealed (sort of).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Down Right Dirty

Last night as I cleaned our tub for the second time ever (no, I don't care to think about specifically how long that is) & I thought to myself that Jake and I are in trouble when it comes to household cleanliness.

Before I go any further, I'd like to make the disclaimer that If I know you're visiting, our house will most definitely be clean...the description you're reading now pertains to all other times or when just Scott is coming over.

Neither Jake nor myself enjoy cleaning. I can't fault him for not wanting to wash the dishes or scrub the toilet because to be honest- I certainly don't want to do it either! So where does that leave us? Well, it means that on most days you'll walk upstairs to find dishes in the sink; a peanut butter covered knife on the counter; cups on end tables; an overflowing recycling bin; mail, coats and purses on the dining room table and chairs; couch pillows on the floor; our bed isn't made (most likely sheets have been pulled off on Jake's side- don't get me started); and the roll of toilet paper has 1/2 a square left. Pretty gross, huh? I think so, but for whatever reason unless I'm in crazy lady cleaning mode it seems to stay that way.

I remember growing up my Mom would always say that I had to learn to do my chores because if I didn't what would I do when I had my own house someday? Well folks, I think I just answered that question.

Jessie- I posted this picture just for you

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Puppies...Come One, Come All

Ok, so if you know me (which I hope you do if you're reading my blog) then you know that I LOVE dogs! I grew up with dogs in my family and actually struggled with not being allowed to have one in the Hasselhouse during college- sad times. Anyway, now that I'm graduated and a working woman/wife I've taken even more seriously my intense affection for dogs and really want to get one. I have had countless conversations with Jake about whens the perfect time, what kind of dog do we want, where should we look, etc. etc. and I must say after our last dog sitting experience I think Jake is slowly coming on board with the idea...bless his heart.

So, after a lot of thought (and online research) I've convinced Jake that we need to start off with a smaller dog, nothing yappy and get our "big" dog after kids. The biggest hurdle with this idea however was getting Jake to agree with my plan. Imagine my surprise when Jake completely unprovoked commented that he could see the point in having two dogs "because they serve different purposes"...remember in the McCrowell household we only make practical choices.

So what's my point in sharing all of this? I need your help! We have dogsat Boomer, a Boston Terrier, on more than one occasion and that is the type of dog we're looking for. Something smaller that could live without a yard if need be, doesn't bark, likes to play, has a quirky personality, and cuddles!

So in doing all my research I've got it narrowed down to 3 breed options and need your feedback:

1. a Boston Terrier (bet you didn't see that coming)

2. a French Bulldog

or 3. a "Frenchton" (french bulldog mixed with a boston terrier)

What do you think? I could get any of them and be happy but I'm leaning towards the French Bulldog or "Frenchton". Oh, and if you have name suggestions too that'd be great! I am starting a folder on our computer with pictures of the ones I like (in regards to coat color and markings) with potential names and breeders/rescue sites as well- a little creepy??? I don't think so...Jake might.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Special Delivery

THIS JUST IN- a female employee at my company had a special delivery today...a BABY...in the bathroom! Yes folks, this is the truth! I can't believe my ears!

Just another day at work I thought when I sat in my cube this morning...but not so much. I mean who imagines hearing this at work??? Even crazier, who thinks they'll walk into work baby-free and out a MOTHER??? Does this sounds like a TLC show or what?

Of course, this has created all kinds of debate in the workplace. People want to know if she knew she was pregnant or not, and if she didn't how you couldn't know...the conversations are running ramped and it's almost too much to take in! Thank goodness its almost 5:30!

Monday, January 4, 2010


For Christmas I bought Jake Monopoly. I know it seems odd but constantly for the past few months Jake would suggest that we play (despite not owning the game)- so I took the frequent and subtle hints to heart this holiday and bought it for him. I was a little nervous he may not really want to keep it, but to my surprise he LOVED it and wanted to play right away. As a matter of fact, I think we've played almost every day since Christmas and I still have yet to win! It's so sad, but I really don't mind. I just feel bad for the people who come over to our apartment, as soon as Jake hears they are coming he immediately thinks they'll want to stay and play a game...it's a bit odd. For example, when Meredith and Marty came over on Saturday night Jake suggested more than once that we should all play after dinner- we ended up watching The Hangover instead which was equally fun...mainly because of how innocent Meredith is but I am pretty certain Jake was a smidge dissapointed.


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