Friday, January 8, 2010

Down Right Dirty

Last night as I cleaned our tub for the second time ever (no, I don't care to think about specifically how long that is) & I thought to myself that Jake and I are in trouble when it comes to household cleanliness.

Before I go any further, I'd like to make the disclaimer that If I know you're visiting, our house will most definitely be clean...the description you're reading now pertains to all other times or when just Scott is coming over.

Neither Jake nor myself enjoy cleaning. I can't fault him for not wanting to wash the dishes or scrub the toilet because to be honest- I certainly don't want to do it either! So where does that leave us? Well, it means that on most days you'll walk upstairs to find dishes in the sink; a peanut butter covered knife on the counter; cups on end tables; an overflowing recycling bin; mail, coats and purses on the dining room table and chairs; couch pillows on the floor; our bed isn't made (most likely sheets have been pulled off on Jake's side- don't get me started); and the roll of toilet paper has 1/2 a square left. Pretty gross, huh? I think so, but for whatever reason unless I'm in crazy lady cleaning mode it seems to stay that way.

I remember growing up my Mom would always say that I had to learn to do my chores because if I didn't what would I do when I had my own house someday? Well folks, I think I just answered that question.

Jessie- I posted this picture just for you

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