Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Late than Never!

My latest obsession is the Twilight series...and yes I know, I'm a little late in the game. The truth is that I wasn't really interested in all the buzz despite so many of my co-workers reading it, for no particular reason, I just wasn't. Now, I can hardly hold back my excitement to get through the series, and my head is still spinning as a result of the new obsession!

It all started this past Saturday when I was babysitting. After I put the two boys down to sleep, I was looking for something to watch and wasn't sure how to work their tv. You know the feeling when you approach several digital boxes with 3+ remotes, it's terrifying. Well anyway, thank goodness a dvd had been running already so all I had to do was find a dvd to switch it with- I simply couldn't watch God Created Animals for the fifth time! Anyway, low and behold I see the Twilight dvd perched pretty on top of the tv and I thought, why not? I mean I heard it was a longer movie and I had almost 3 hours to kill so I put it in...and that's when it started. Immediately I found myself completely engaged in the film- in the love story, their characters, etc. etc. I WAS HOOKED!!!

The movie finished, and I asked the parents to borrow it. Who am I? I had already seen it and I usually try to leave a big enough gap between repeat watchings so that I can kind of forget the details. But no, not this time- I had to see it again. So as creepy as it sounds, I watched it again that night! I was up until 2am wide awake and mesmerized...still!

Sunday I woke up and knew what I had to do...buy the first book, immediately! I went out and got it as soon as the store opened, disguising the reason for my errand with a trip to the grocery store. I came back into the house beaming in light of my new purchase! Next, I persuaded my Dad to go see the second movie with me, New Moon, while it was still in theaters. It was ok, the ending made me even more determined to read the books and catch up- I HAD TO KNOW HOW THINGS FINALLY ENDED. Late that afternoon I started reading, taking a short break for dinner, only to return to my book and comfy corner of the couch afterwards. I finished the book the following day and am already looking forward to starting the second tonight!

Please keep in mind, I wouldn't describe myself as an avid reader by any means. Everything that has taken place since Saturday is truly not like me, but I'm sort of enjoying it.


  1. This is pretty much the best blog ever.

  2. dear bella and vampire guy,

    please leave my home and return my wife. we haven't had a meaningful conversation since you've arrived at our home (except about all the new drama b/w the two of you). needless to say, i dont care. and can i just say, bella, where do you get off. i mean really. really.

  3. I wish I could say that Jake was exaggerating just a little bit, but to be honest I have been more than a little crazy over reading this series! Thank goodness I'm finished with it- although I wouldn't put it past me to read it again this summer in preparation for the third movie coming out. Is that weird???



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