Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to Dallas!

Ok so I just got back from Dallas, TX and wanted to blog about my interesting arrival last Sunday (don't give me a hard time about the delay, I was working)!

Alright, I arrived in the evening with my boss' boss and had no idea I was about to take the best cab ride of my life. I want to start off by saying that I've never really had a normal cab ride, but this one was my favorite by far- just barely passing the 4am taxi ride where the driver filled me in on all the Las Vegas gossip...mainly about the Wynn hotel owner splitting with his long time wife for cheating in addition to a brief history of their intricate marriage.

But, back to my story...we walked out to the row of cabs and went to the orange, Jet Taxi minivan at the front of the line. The blaring music should have been my first tip, but I was tired and hungry so we went for it anyway. He opens the back to load our luggage and the heavy metal music all but blew my hair back! He loaded our things and we hopped on in. I waited for him to turn the music down...but he didn't. He actually proceeded to shout over the song and ask where to- really??? I just smiled and was going along with it. Of course, my boss asked him to turn the music down and he did...for a mere 30 seconds to hear our destination and then went back to full throttle. What a nightmare! Not to mention, the heat was on HOT and HIGH, I was actually breaking a sweat in the steamy van all bundled up from my traveling through a snow storm. The next time he spoke to us was to ask how we wanted to get there- I honestly wasn't sure how to respond. Clearly, the quickest way was my answer but I was fairly certain he only asked because he wasn't familiar with the hotel. Yikes! I'd never had a cab driver actually not know how to get me to my final destination! To avoid being dropped off in some abandoned lot I started reciting the address of the hotel to him hoping this would secure my safe arrival. It did, and we actually got there in record time...apparently the speed limit is 70 in Texas with 80 being the norm! Wish I had known this before I sat in the middle seat, sweating while I stared through the windshield afraid for my life as we passed every other car and traveled on a road I couldn't even be certain was leading to where I so desperately wanted to get!

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