Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day...Ugh!

Well, well, well it's that time again when I start racking my brain in preparation for the upcoming holiday. I've barely recovered from Christmas and Valentine's Day is already creeping around the corner!

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a fan of this annual Hallmark holiday. Honestly, I feel like it creates an unnecessary pressure to appease your counterpart...make them feel special so to speak. But the truth is, that if Jake were to do something sweet or romantic for me out of the blue, it would be much more meaningful. We should be striving to make our partner feel loved year round because we know it's important and not because we have the world as an audience. So does that mean he is off the hook come February 14??? Of course not! I know it is shallow, but the fact that everyone will be getting a lil extra attention this upcoming weekend creates a need for me to get some myself.

It's like when you tell your person not to bother sending flowers because they are too expensive, yatta, yatta, yatta. Well do you or do you not spend the day counting how many other women around you get them? I mean honestly, last year I walked by the reception desk and each time I saw a bouquet, paused and quickly wished it was for me. Awful, I know...but someone out there has to know exactly what I'm talking about! Deep down I know (and keep telling myself) that if flowers came on a random day I'd feel so much more appreciated and loved than on Feb. 14th- but that doesn't drown the hope. I don't even like red roses! What is wrong with me???

I'm sure Jake is reading this feeling utterly confused about the upcoming weekend. After all, he is a practical guy and Valentine's Day isn't a practical celebration- this weekend probably appears nightmarish to him. And now on top of that, I've subtly hinted at my minor expectation for the day and as a result also placed pressure on myself. I'm starting to regret this post already- EEK!

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