Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's redefine romantic comedy...

Monday morning (my day off) I woke up with a sore throat.

Was I surprised? No. Jake had a sore throat the week before, so I knew it was only a matter of time before it struck me.

Was I bummed? Yes. I actually had plans with some friends and had been waiting all weekend to see them.

Day's Activities: I spent the day watching movies and hanging out in my PJs.

Best part of my day: Getting to have ice cream sundaes...for medicinal purposes, of course.

Tuesday morning (work day) I woke up with a sore throat (possibly worse than Monday) and head congestion.

Was I surprised? No. The lack of sleep gave me reason to believe a rough and long day was ahead of me.

Was I bummed? No. For the first time, I didn't feel bad about calling out sick. Nothing I was working on was urgent and I knew if I stayed home that I might actually get to rest and not be disturbed with work related queries.

Day's Activities: I watched Twilight, napped, and then watched some tv snuggled under layers of blankets until Jake came home from work.

Best part(s) of my day: First, Jake calling to check on me between all of his patients- I thought this was adorable. He attributed his new vested interest in my health to the fact that we're married now...I guess when we weren't my health wasn't as large of a concern (I'm still trying to figure this out). Second, when he came home with a "romantic comedy" to watch. Here is how that conversation went:

Jake: Hey, I rented a romantic comedy for us to watch tonight, thought it might make you feel better.
Me: Really? What'd you rent? You hate chick flicks...
Jake: (threw the dvd my direction) You'll see, it looked like something you'd want to watch.
Me: (after reading the Law Abiding Citizen, title) Are you sure this is a romance movie?
Jake: Yeah, why?
Me: The font on the dvd is scary and the title doesn't sound very romantic...
Jake: It is, trust me. Just put it in.
Me: Ok.

Opening scene of the movie...a man and his wife are beaten, duct taped, and stabbed...then the wife and daughter are killed. YIKES!

Me: Jake, this isn't a romantic comedy. Is this a horror movie?
Jake: I don't think so, just watch.
Me: Fine, but you didn't have to trick me and act like you were doing something sweet.......At least Gerard Butler is in this, you know I LOVE him!
Jake: Exactly, thus what makes it a romance!
Me: Right...this makes sense now.

I'll stop there...after all this is a perfect snapshot of a typical night (and conversation) at the McCrowell household.


  1. haha you have been little miss blogs a lot and they are getting better & better. Nicely done. And kudos to Jake, I'm glad I'm not the only one that uses the 'so & so is in this so you'll like it' at least he called it a romantic comedy. Remind me to laugh at him next time I see him for that.

    And yay for Valentine's Day together, this is almost becoming a tradition-- but next year let's re-do that Waterman's one. :)

  2. Well, thank you. Jake actually gets on me if too much time passes between posts. I think secretly he finds me funny (and wildly entertaining) but doesn't want to admit it and give me the satisfaction.

    As for that night and the "romantic comedy", I can't say I'm shocked by the conversation or event that took like Jake, and so like you to identify with him!



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