Friday, February 12, 2010

My Point Exactly

I knew it! If you haven't read my pre-Valentine's Day blog you need to in order for today's to make sense.

Today at work the flowers started...

I was secretly hoping with Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday that I wouldn't be subject to the overwhelming amount of flowers and love going around the office, but I wasn't that lucky. And of course, someone in my own department of 12 had to be sent some. The recipient (who shall remain nameless ) isn't in a relationship, her admirer is a guy shes been on a few dates with! How does that work??? And the best part is she left early for the day to catch a flight and there the roses sit, unadmired til Tuesday. I secretly plotted how I could take them home for the weekend and have them back before she noticed next week, but I couldn't. Truth is, I would never actually have the "balls" to do such a thing and it wouldn't be possible with all the onlookers in the department...but I thought about it. Pathetic.

The worst part is that I am torn because I stand by my previous post and the fact that I don't want money wasted on flowers for a Hallmark holiday, but I find myself jealous- how awful, especially because I adore this particular co-worker.

I want to add that she received flowers for this same occasion last year too, different guy, same point (actually the second year running makes it that much more envious).

her arrangement looks just like this...

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