Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Need a Hobby

It's been brought to my attention recently that I need a hobby...or so Jake thinks. We were having a conversation in which he confessed to struggling for gift ideas when it came to me because I have no hobbies! What was he talking about??? I have plenty of hobbies and shared each and every one of them...which he then argued weren't hobbies at all. And then I got to thinking, they were certainly things of interests, but which ones were actually hobbies? Here's the mental battle that followed immediately after our conversation regarding the "hobbies" I'd cited to Jake:

1. Shopping- certainly this had to qualify as a hobby. I mean I LOVE shopping and I do it all the time, but then I started thinking that I was trying to cut back on this particular habit of mine since lately I'd been doing a lot of it with not a lot of money.

2. Traveling- I love to travel...but road trips haven't been happening lately, or really any visiting of new places or old friends at all. So if I'm being honest, the only traveling in my life has been for work. How lame is that? Are hobbies allowed to happen in relation to work? It seems sort of contradictory.

3. Watching Movies- I am definitely still into this! I mainly rent movies from Redbox but over the Holidays "splurged" to see a few in the theater. Jake, however feels this isn't hobby-enough, so I am still left questioning whether I have any at all. I'm so confused.

So what should I do? What hobbies should I take on? I thought about reading, although this never really caught my fancy before. Maybe Twilight changed that, I don't know...will I be able to find another series I want to read so intensely?

What options are there apart from physical activities? I'll get back into running when it warms up, but Hip Hop Hustle is no longer being offered at the Rec (not that I took it when it was there) and I don't enjoy lifting weights.

What else is there? I'm not sure, but I'm open to suggestions as I suddenly feel the need to remedy void in my life fast!


  1. is my thought...wanna get scuba certified with me? I am not getting in a sticky wet suit all by myself and I am certainly not going to partner up with some stranger (you just never know these days), so since you are looking for hobbies...D.O.N.E. **Jessie's Partner for S.C.U.B.A.**

    Jake, if you are reading this, help a girl out (girl meaning me, well and Amanda even if she doesn't know it yet). Additionally, there is a scuba certification that I found that is only $150!!! Thats like a 1/13th of the cost of a brand new cervelo and creates memories to last a life time. So, start convincing Amanda.

  2. The guys must be more similar than previously imagined-- Will's been bugging me to get a hobby too. Apparently it's not normal to love your job and work a lot and then do nothing. Whatever.

    SCUBA sounds good I think you should do it-- then it's an excuse to go to the Caribbean!



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