Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babies R not for me!

Let me start by asking, have you ever been to a Babies R Us? If you have then you may relate to my nightmare, but if you haven't take the below as a caveat.

I had a baby shower to attend today and since I was out of town of all last week, had to put the shopping off til Friday (not like me at all, I usually have my shower gifts wrapped days in advance). This may not seem so bad, especially to the average procrastinator, but when you take into consideration that my shopping had to take place at Babies R Us it was every bit as awful as I'm foreshadowing. Registries at Babies R Us are like none other- I don't know what it is about the store but the layout makes no sense (at least the one in VB) and the registry is about as vague as you can get.

Once I arrived, I headed immediately for the one registry kiosk hidden toward the back of the store (I found its location the hard way, another time, another shower). I proceeded to type out the required information about the mom-to-be and hit print. As I started walking toward the aisles I began combing through the list seeing what was within the "budget" Jake had given me (budget is a term I take lightly, but I'm still learning) and immediately started narrowing my options down. Now of course, being the planner that I am I had already peeked at the couple's registry online so I could get visuals for items I may purchase (I knew even then, I would need all the help I could get in effort to actually locate them in the store). I slowly grew more and more confused as I found the registered bedding, looked nothing like what I had seen online. It seemed a little late in the game and too close to the shower date to change their selections, or so was my opinion. Then I saw it, the couple at the top of the list was not Kristina & Marcus- no, no, no it was an entirely different couple with the same last name and similarly spelled first names. How could it have given me the wrong list? It didn't even list the options of couples that matched the information I typed in, but apparently there was more than one. So there I was, 15 minutes into my hunt for the perfect gift(s) going off the wrong list. I was SO annoyed, to say the least! All I kept thinking to myself was that this wouldn't happen at Target! Ahh! I went back to the kiosk, submitted even more vague information about the parents-to-be and voila- a list of names matching the information came up and I selected the correct couple! I printed the new list out and started my narrowing process down...again!

If I had to guess, I would say that less than half of the items on the list actually listed which aisle they were in...not that that mattered because things with aisle #s couldn't be found there! Maybe it was me, but I could never seem to find the right brand pacifiers, sippy cups, or "soft bite" spoons. I mean, is it that hard or am I just slow??? I didn't think you had to be expecting or a parent to "get" Babies R Us and the crazy volume of things they sold in their store, but maybe you do.

Well to keep this story from going even longer than it already has, I will wrap up by sharing that we ended up going with the Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler tub, whale washcloths, tearless shampoo, and a cute duck night gown.

Yep. You were right, Jake LOVED what we got them!

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