Thursday, February 18, 2010

de ja vue?

If you're in Atlanta (Katie) and you have video footage of the circus zebra on the loose, CNN is accepting your videos!

Just a typical day at work when Meredith informs us (very matter of fact) that a zebra has been seen on the loose in Atlanta and officers are in "hot pursuit". What??? I didn't believe it...and then she sent me the story and kept me abreast of CNN's tweets- so I was convinced...this really happened.

Want to know what is even better? This isn't the first time Atlanta has faced this situation. And NO, I don't mean something similar, I mean another point in time with a zebra on the loose. Don't believe me? See for yourself (if you dare) and relive April 2008.

This is sort of like the time we were at work and heard about the back up on 264 because horses were in the downtown tunnel...strange, but unforgettable.

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