Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Wine o'clock Somewhere

This past weekend marked the first annual Princess Anne Wine Classic in Virginia Beach and I l.o.v.e.d. it.

Let's be honest- I'm a fan of wine so no one had to twist my arm to go, but it's always nice when you spend money on an activity and end up really enjoying yourself.

The Noblemen put this on and are known for hosting quite a few social fundraisers throughout the year.  This was the first event of theirs I've attended, and with all proceeds going back into the local community I was happy to support their cause one bottle glass at a time.

Little did I know that my fellow wine supporter and date to this day o' fun, Gillian, was a newbie to the world of wine festivals.  I would have never guessed this because she loves wine with all her heart and soul... but tis true.  When we approached the first tent she asked what we were supposed to do and it was quite shocking.  All the comments about my preparedness and general know-how started to make more sense.  See,  I'm used to attending these sorts of things with big groups of friends and my typical contribution is minimal- as in I show up and maybe prepare a small snack to share (if that!).  Last year I had to step up my game because the mother hen of our group, Elizabeth, was way-pregnant (is that bad to say?) and I was trying to help her out by taking on some of the prep work.  I ended up making chicken salad, purchased some cheeses, and packed a super cute cooler with all the random things we may need- even down to hand sanitizer.  From that festival on I became a new person.  Similarly, I brought a cooler packed with a variety of cheese and crackers, fruit... and of course, whatever utensils there was the slightest chance we might have needed.  It felt good to plan ahead and pack well enough that we didn't need to do anything but taste, taste, and taste some more wine.

Shortly into arriving (as in three tents "in") it started to rain... hard.  Thank goodness for the food tent and two folding chairs we somehow managed to snag to wait out the storm.  Oh, and did I mention the bottle of wine Gillian ran back through the rain for?  No?  Well definitely thank goodness for that.  We chatted with quite a few people, ate, and decided that should the rain persist we would just have to buy a bottle from a random tent we hadn't tasted from yet and move our party of two to the car.  Fortunately for us, the rain did let up and we didn't have to take such drastic measures.  It sounds crazy, but I wasn't about to let the newbie's first experience be lamo.

The best part about this whole thing was that once the rain stopped we were more fascinated with the horses in the stable than the vendor tents so by the time we picked up where we'd left off we realized there only30 more minutes of tasting.  Tough break, I know.  Didn't matter to us though, the day was full of good company, good wine, and good food.  


Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm awful

I really am awful when it comes to care taking.  I like to think that's not the case, but anything over 24 hours and you've lost my interest.  Don't get me wrong... for those first 24 hrs you feel like a king/queen, but after that you've lost your status.  My concern has a limit and it's called time.

This makes me embarrassed and concerned for so many reasons.

1. I'd like to have kids (well maybe just one) at some point and I realize their issues/needs can't be contained to a single day.  Bummer.
2. I have friends and family members that stay at home and have a gift for care taking and I can't even be patient with Jake and his broken foot for two weeks.  It's true.  I'm way over this injury and he still has at least another two weeks to go.
3. My brief concern for people and their needs is a bit selfish and highlights how truly impatient I am.
4. The truth is, if Jake didn't wait hand and foot on me each time I got sick I'd be devastated.  There is something about being on the receiving end of this treatment that makes you feel better.  Can you say hypocrite?
5. This behavior isn't earning me much credit in the wife department- well just in general, I wouldn't even be appealing as a roommate at this rate.  I don't clean up after myself, I don't like to clean up after others, I'm not a good cook, I enjoy 'me' time, if I could have sole control over the tv I would and I wouldn't think twice about it... oh, and you can add not being overly sympathetic for others in times of need to the list.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So much has happened since my last post (most likely because a lot of time has passed) but I'm going to do my best to bring you up to speed.  Hopefully, in the days/weeks to follow I can go into more detail on some of the updates.  Here's to keeping you in the know...

-Jake and I got accepted as counselors at Camp Jake by The Red Thread Promise.  We'll be in Haiti just shy of two weeks this July and are getting really excited!  We have been toying around the idea of doing a block party that could serve as a fundraiser as well.  The plan is to provide the food and drinks (a perfectly timed home brew) and put a shoe box out for donations- old school style.  Anything collected above our $500 fundraising goal would go straight back to the organization.  More details on this definitely to follow.

-Jake broke his foot.  He is fine, but it sucks.  He is pretty limited in what he can do and I predict will go stir crazy by the end of the week.  The worst part is that he's been training for a half ironman that he now won't be able to do.  As a matter of fact, he broke his foot while trail running this past weekend as part of his training plan.  Poor guy.   The only thing he hates more than inactivity is wasting money.  This incident has resulted in both.

-I'm headed to San Antonio tomorrow for work and am bringing our new(ish) Marketing Coordinator with me.  The plan is for this week to serve as a live training for her before our biggest event in June.  I'm really looking forward to teaching her the ropes and having some company while working the event, it should be fun!

-I've taken a break from my book and am having a really hard time picking it back up.  Hopefully my upcoming travel may create an opportunity to dive back in.

-The hard drive for my work computer crashed today.  Need I say more?

I hope to post when I get back this weekend, but I understand if you take your time to check back!


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