Friday, February 19, 2010

It's the little things in life

It's really amazing to think about the little things I get excited about...especially, when I look at how small and insignificant they tend to be, but how much time I spend thinking/obsessing over them.

For example, Jake and I are considering moving come May into a townhouse or condo closer to his new job. I am looking forward to this because:

1. I don't mind my commute to Norfolk, so as long as the highway is close by I am game for a new location.
2. I would NEVER complain about moving closer to the beach, it just goes against my nature.
3. I look at this potential increase in square footage as a decorating opportunity- I'm simply ready to shake our decor up a bit!

So what things have I started thinking about since we discussed moving? Well, of course my initial and strongest focus has been on lining future "homes" up to consider...give me some credit, I do know how to prioritize.

Next, I've started thinking about floors...will they be carpeted or hardwood (I prefer the latter); paint colors (Jake is a great painter); wall treatments (I'm adamant that I won't spend another year without curtains); wall art (prints we need for our current frames and what art I can find at TJ Maxx); a second bathroom (I've prayed for this in our next place and hope its a full bath so I can get a new shower curtain and dabble in a new color scheme for this space); grills (just in time for summer) and so forth.

As you can imagine my mind is racing with things to come and I predict I will have a VERY busy spring/summer ahead of me. As you also can imagine, Jake is perfectly content not moving and not spending a dime on decorations. Although I think he has come to terms that curtains are in store whether he loves the idea or not...

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