Thursday, January 21, 2010'll change your life

Jake and I may have been a bit excessive this year when we opted for the DVR system as part of our cable package each month. However, now that we have it, I don't know that we could go without! I mean do you have DVR or something similar at your house? If you do, then you know what I'm talking about...if you don't, you may not want to read on for fear of catching the DVR bug- which there is currently no cure for. Trust me when I say, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I honestly don't think I watch "live" tv anymore and apart from SportsCenter, I don't think Jake does either. As a matter of fact, we'll wait 15-20 minutes after a show we want to watch starts, just so we can view the recorded version and fast forward the commercials. Yes, avoiding commercials to us outweighs the pleasure of viewing that long awaited weekly episode at it's specified airtime! That's crazy!

You may be wondering what inspired me to blog about our DVR dependency, so let me tell you. Lately, we have noticed a green and pink bar that runs across our tv screen. After much troubleshooting, we have confirmed it has to be a result of the cable box/DVR- which is good in the sense that we don't want problems with a new tv, but bad in that fixing the problem may call for replacing our current box. This can't happen for two reasons: one, it would mean having to let go of all the recorded shows and movies that we're currently hoarding...and I just don't think I can do that, I'm not strong enough. And two, it requires a temporary separation of our tv from a recording source...without a back up! The challenge that lies ahead is a tough one, we ask for your prayers.

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  1. everything im about to say/write from here is complete truth and has not been fabricated in anyway:

    one day amanda Yelled at me. not complained and got slightly frustrated, but yelled at me b/c she thought i deleted one of her episodes from DVR. what she did not know was that they automatically delete after an extended period of time. unfourtenly, when amandas mad she wont listen to rationale idea. i felt like i was talking down a bomber. or a pit bull.

    nother story. one time we were watching live tv. thats the story only one time have we watched live tv together. at first commercial she says "fastforward it". i said it was live and i think she walked out, groaning.

    spoiled with DVR,



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