Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cookie Monster

In case you don't already know this about me, I love sweets.  I love them in the morning and in the afternoon.  I love them in the evening and underneath the moon (if you didn't start singing Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink in your head just now get lost).  But it's true.  I really love all types of sweets and I sort of wish I didn't.

I don't think the issue is that I enjoy sweets, lots of people do.  I think the issue is that I crave them... like all the time.  Lazy Saturdays are just better with some homemade chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk in hand.  And those stressful days at work, well it's nothing that a little cupcake can't take my mind off of for an hour or so.  Do you see how this is dangerous?  I mean it would be nice if I had different cravings and really loved fruit or something healthier... but I don't.

I'd like to blame part of this on my mother who started this infatuation of mine at a young age.  I mean look at me?  I've got Cookie Monster clothes for my formal Olan Mills photo.  Talk about commitment.  Not to mention that my mom also loves sweets, with most her dinners in college consisting of a pack of Reese's cups and a soda.  It's clear where I get it from.

Ugh.  I need to get this under control.  With our trip to Cancun less than 3 weeks away, I'm making changes (at least temporarily).  That's right, I've given up sweets from now until our trip- eek!  I genuinely hope I can go without but it's going to be hard.  Pathetic, I know, but at least I'm honest.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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