Saturday, August 17, 2013

House Preparations

I can't believe summer is almost over.  Jake and I were going through our calendar the other day and every weekend in September is already booked- it's insane.

I'm in a wedding at the end of the month and am co-hosting a shower for another friend before her wedding in Key West (fun!).  Somewhere in between then, Jake and I will be headed to Louisville for our friend, Howard's wedding in October.  Craziness.

But back to the shower coming up in a few weeks and everything I have to do to prepare for it.

My friend, Jill is getting married in Key West this November and wedding festivities are in high gear.   We head to Isle of Palms next weekend for her bachelorette and then two weeks after that she'll fly home to VB from Jacksonville for back to back showers with family and friends. Her maid of honor/sister, Madeline as well as another bridesmaid are in the area so we're hosting a bridal shower brunch for around 20 people in her honor... at my house.

I always knew I loved to entertain, but this is only the third formal event I've hosted at our house (the first being our housewarming and the second Thanksgiving) since we moved in.  The minute we confirmed the location would be at my place I started a list of things I wanted to have done before the event.  It sounds ridiculous, but things like adding hardware to the kitchen cabinets, etc. all of a sudden have a sense of urgency when you're about to open your home to a large group of people.

My To Do List:
1. Replace kitchen tiles (we already had the tile, we just needed to old stuff ripped out and the new stuff put up)
2. Add hardware to the kitchen cabinets (nothing there to start with)
3. Area rug for the dining room from

4. New stainless steel trashcan for the kitchen
5. Bench for the front porch and new house numbers
6. Professional weed treatment for the yard, bushes trimmed, lawn edged
7. Find and renovate a buffet/sideboard for the dining room (something like the below)

9. Steam clean the ottoman and wash the couch cushions
10. Replace the outdoor light fixtures

Since making my list, the kitchen tiles have been replaced (more on that soon!) and hardware has been added to almost all of the cabinets and some of the drawers.  I've also come close to making moves with a few other things (ahem, the buffet) but it may come down to the wire.  #itusuallydoes

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