Monday, March 24, 2014

And the travel continues

So, the whole reason I was "absent" this past fall had everything to do with our travels.   This quite possibly makes me the worst.blogger.ever- mainly because I didn't share the details throughout my travels with you all and also because when I do post I don't give much incentive to keep coming back!  And now, to makes matters worse, it seems that the same is holding true for the start of 2014.  Please know that I'm not at all complaining about getting to travel, getting to visit both new and familiar destinations, but it certainly makes keeping you up to speed that much more of a challenge.

At work we kicked off the new year with three back to back meetings, with travel required for two and hotel stays in Norfolk for the other.  In a nutshell, I ate hotel food and a full three meals a day for three solid weeks.  Ugh.  I was home for a day before driving (well, riding) to Richmond and then for a full two weeks before heading to Washington D.C. and then a surprise, last minute work trip to Cabo (with Jake as my guest!).

In between and during those trips my Dad, Mom and Jake celebrated birthdays; my sweet cousin, Claire was showered with gifts and well wishes for her upcoming wedding; I hit up a Shake Shack; our super close friend, Matt moved to Florida; I read the Divergent series (and saw the movie); added some blonde highlights; and I started planning out a few home projects I hope to accomplish this year.  And by planning out, I really mean creating boards on Pinterest and obsessively pinning to them all the while planting seeds of my wish list in ordinary conversations with Jake.  #hesontome

I've officially set calendar reminders to try and get into the habit of posting more regularly, so keep checking back and I promise I'll give it my best shot.  For now, below are a few photos to show how 2014 has kicked off!  How has your year looked so far?  Any travel plans?


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