Thursday, December 31, 2009

Virgin Blogger

In case you didn't get it from the title, this is my first blog and officially my first post. I'd been going back and forth for a few months about starting a blog and to be honest, coming up with a title was the only hold up. So after some encouraging words and a little extra time on my hands I finally committed!

I promise that my future posts will have purpose and a point (hopefully shorter as well), but for now I just want to get something on the board. Let's start with a holiday recap...

This year, Jake and I celebrated our first Christmas as newlyweds! I was excited about the holidays but like every year, the closer we got to the 25th stress ensued! I'm not going to try and claim to be a stress-free, Type B, relaxed sort of person...that just isn't me. I have however, tried to embrace a more laid back lifestyle (i.e. Jake is rubbing off on me). Regardless, there was some stress that may have resulted in random tears this holiday season like when...

1. We put our tree up and realized I had only bought enough lights to cover 1/3 of it. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me after an 8 hour drive home from a 2 day trip, it was HUGE! No worries, Jake spent the next afternoon searching for more matching lights (without any luck) and had the whole tree covered in lights of some sort by the time I got home from work! Really sweet, I know!

2. I realized that there wasn't really anything I could buy for Jake based on his hints that fit within our spending limit. Just as a disclaimer, I go through this with Jake EVERY year. I like spoiling people on Christmas with something they want but don't necessarily "need"; however, Jake only appreciates practical gifts. So, each year on Dec. 26th we end up going to a lot of different stores returning the majority of what he received! It is just upsetting and gets to me at least once a year as I struggle to find something satisfactory other than a Cervelo!

3. I came home to see Jake had helped himself to one of the 3 gifts I bought him for Christmas...on Dec. 21st! Yes, he knew it was coming but that still isn't right! One night, I came home and was looking around for the package so that I could open it up, check things over, and get it wrapped (I knew it had been delivered because I'd been tracking it all day). Well low and behold, when I couldn't find the box I asked Jake if we had received any packages- I even said one of his gifts was supposed to be arriving that morning so not to get into anything. He preceded to open up his bag, pulled out the new, wet swimsuit (that's right he not only opened them, but went for a swim) and actually said..."These?"- I could have died!!! Of course, I went into this whole ordeal (while tearing up) about how that was a gift and I would never do anything like that to him. I ended up finishing my soap box with something along the lines of he "takes the joy out of Christmas"!

Other than that, we had a really nice Christmas surrounded by family and friends! It was nice to start our traditions as our own family and we both feel so blessed for what we have and for what is in store for the upcoming year!

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  1. I love your new blog! I love the picture, how did you get the picture there and the title centered and everything? Looks great!



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