Thursday, January 13, 2011

can't get enough

I like all types of music and it isn't unusual for me to fall in love with a song or an artist and then listen to them excessively until I ruin it for myself.  But, Mumford & Sons, well, Mumford & Sons is different.  I have been listening to them a ton and their songs aren't getting old.

Awhile back, Jake and I came across a music video on tv that really caught our attention.  Immediately, we knew that we weren't familiar with the song and the video was just different enough to keep us intrigued.  Once it finished, I made a conscious effort to commit the name of the band to memory- I can really remember repeating Mumford & Sons over and over again in my head.  Reason being, I am absolutely terrible when it comes to naming artists/songs.  You know how people love to do music trivia? Yeah, thats probably my least favorite "game".  Jake still is amazed each time he asks me to name a band or song (for something I've heard a 100 times and most likely have downloaded on my iPod) and I get it wrong or genuinely draw a blank.  Its just not one of my strong suits... which is why I tried so hard to memorize the name, Mumford & Sons that day.

Anyway, a few days later after I'd been playing the song over and over in my head, I broke down and asked him who it was.  He reminded me and before I knew it had their whole album on his computer.  Since all their songs were already on his laptop, and I'm also not very good about downloading music on my mac, I was only able to access them when he wasn't home.  Which is quite possibly what led to one of the best clean/jam sessions in our apartment.   I suppose the dirtiness of our house combined with my desire to hear the whole cd and the energy of the music itself was fully responsible for the most fun and thorough cleaning experience I've ever had.  I pulled out some speakers and cranked up the volume so that I could hear it from every room (I'm sure my neighbors loved me).  I know it sounds crazy, or maybe it doesn't if you require upbeat music to clean, but if you listen to their music you would easily see how it could pump a person up.  The energy and passion in their songs is so unique.  I suppose if I had to compare them to a current band it would be Kings of Leon, but more acoustic.

Eventually, Jake burned me a copy of their cd and I've been listening to it non-stop.  I play it all the time in the car and make sure to take it out once I get to work so I can access it during the day.  This has been going on for a week now.

I would recommend you listen to a few of their songs, it won't be a waste of your time.  Well, it might be if you are partial to a certain genre of music and what I've briefly described doesn't sound appealing.  Either way, I know I like them.

Here's the video Jake and I saw that started my obsession... PLEASE excuse the profanity at certain points, they don't really curse in any of their other songs.  As another side note, I think one of my personal favorites is, "White Blank Page".

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  1. Maybe this appeals to you b/c they are an English folk band... very similiar to the Celtic style music YOUR mother played as you grew up... just a thought!



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