Friday, February 25, 2011

so stinkin cute

Earlier this week Jake and I had dinner with one of our favorite friends, Scott, and his girlfriend, Hannah (who is becoming a favorite the more we get to know her).  They invited us to their neck of the woods in Norfolk and cooked us dinner at Hannah's house.

Now one thing Norfolk has going for it (and always has) are the adorable older homes.  Each house has so much character inside and out, I absolutely love it... and Hannah's house was no exception.  We walked up to her cute little porch with a red front door and the minute I got inside I fell in love.  Her style is simple and understated.  She has one of those houses that looks like it should be in a magazine except for the fact that its much more personal than the ones you see featured- so much so, that you are almost glad that it isn't because its better.  Part of what makes her house so adorable are the great colors she chose for the walls and the art.  Not to mention, shes got the cutest darn kitchen.  The house isn't huge, which makes it feel intimate as well.

I'm not trying to sound like a design know it all (I'm far from it), but its like she makes  her personality transparent through the style of her home.  Perfect example, she loves to read and had tons of books throughout the house.  And these weren't just books to fill shelves (by color, mind you) she had actually read all of them.

Then there's the art!  Shes got funky art all over her home, a lot of which she did herself or at least has a story about it that shes happy to share.

Lastly, she is very resourceful.  She found an old door in the attic that she painted with chalkboard paint and leaned against the wall leading to her kitchen.  Can you say adorable?  Then she had these fun recycled glasses she admitted were from some other drink that she'd just held onto afterward.  I don't think to do stuff like that; I'm terrible about imagining how I could repurpose something down the road in a creative way.  She's a natural.

I could go on, but I don't want overdo it.  Its too bad I don't have pictures; then you could just see for yourself.  Actually now that I think about it, it would have been way creepy if I did. Can you imagine?  I let myself in for the first time and start snapping away while she cooks!!!  Yikes!  That would never happen... not on my first visit at least.  However, I can't make any promises from here on out!

This is just a random photo to give you a visual (hers door looks better).

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