Tuesday, March 8, 2011

desperate times call for desperate measures

This might be an over share, but I’m going to ahead with it anyway. 

The other day I came back from lunch and sensed that there may be some food in my teeth.  This being a peeve of mine I immediately went to the ladies room for a closer examination.  To my surprise, there was nothing there- what was there was an unnatural amount of eyebrow hairs.  Gross.

I’m not being dramatic either, this was a forest of wild (and certainly undesired) eyebrow hairs… it was awful.  But what was worse was that I made this discovery at work!  I mean what’s a girl to do at this point???   Well, after asking the two most responsible people in the office if they happened to have tweezers and coming up empty handed, I had to get creative.  One person offered her cuticle clippers instead and that’s when I knew what I had to do.

(PS do you see what I mean about them being responsible?  I mean she had them in her desk drawer for Pete’s sake, who does that?)

Anyway, I went ahead and accepted her offer and went right back into the ladies room to take care of the disaster.  That’s right folks, I started trimming my unsightly eyebrow hairs with cuticle clippers- I was desperate!  I managed to get rid of some of the major offenders but had to control myself since each clip left my forehead nice and red for all to see.  I figured that if it took me that long and getting that close to see the nightmare myself, then it was safe to assume no one I was meeting up with after work would notice.

The next morning I hadn’t forgotten about the hairs that had survived another night and with tweezers in hand, I took care of business once and for all (or at least for the time being)!  I was so zealous that at one point I actually made myself bleed and had the tiniest scar of shame all weekend.


  1. Ok, eyebrows are annoying. I'm just putting this out there. I want to get to the point where I can justify spending money on a wax every 8-10 days. Because I spend way too much time catching strays only to see a bad one halfway through the day.

    And what incentive do you need to blog more regularly? I know you're busy, but when your blog (and others) are my procrastination tool you are actually causing me to be MORE productive. And no one wants that.

  2. Oh PS. I started a blog. I'm not writing anything (yet, ever?) but I just wanted to save the domain name. ;) haha




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