Monday, March 21, 2011

there's a first time for everything

I have been with Jake just a few months shy of a decade (crazy, I know!) and I can honestly say that last week was the first time he knowingly watched an entire romantic comedy with me.  Notice, I put emphasis on knowingly and entire because in the past 10 years Jake could say that he has watched one with me before, but you and I both know that either he didn’t realize it was that type of movie OR he didn’t watch it all the way through… story of my life.

Well, for whatever reason this most recent attempt was successful.  After looking unsuccessfully for a few movies at the Redbox, I noticed Life As We Know It was in stock.  I’d wanted to see the movie for awhile so I asked Jake to rent it for me.   He gave me a look like, “Do you know what kind of movie this is?” to which I responded aloud, “I know it’s a romantic comedy but I’m not asking you to watch it, I’m just asking you to rent it for me to watch” and he did.

Once home, I waited a little while before making my next move.  You see I really didn’t want to have to wait to watch this until after he went to bed and I definitely didn’t want to have to watch it on the laptop, but it’s all in the art of execution.  So, I waited for him to watch that day’s DVR of the Paris-Nice Tour (it’s a cycling thing) and then start fumbling through the channels before asking if I could use his laptop.  He of course wondered why I had to ask and I explained that I would have it awhile so I could watch the entire movie and didn’t want to hog it if he needed it.  And then he said the magic words, “you can watch it in here if you want”.  BINGO.  I was so happy it probably took me 20 seconds to get everything set up and hit play. 

The next thing I noticed was completely new- he didn’t move.  This entire time my focus was on watching this movie on the plasma before 9:30 but this… this was a pleasant surprise.  Even after the movie was a few minutes in he still didn’t move.  Can you say best thing ever?  At one point he did turn around to see my expression during a sadder scene and gave me a look like I was being ridiculous.  I responded with a don’t bother me look and we both went back to watching.  He sat through the whole thing and then went to bed. If you know Jake, you are probably having trouble believing this, but there’s a first time for everything.

As far as the movie goes, and I'm aware I'm behind the game on this one (which is a price you pay when you prefer the price of a rental to the theater) it was adorable.  The crazy part is, apart from the whole raising a baby with someone you don't care for in light of your best friend's death thing, it seemed to be an accurate depiction of that first year.  Of course, I don't know for sure, but they certainly didn't make it look easy... and I hear it's not, so that in and of itself offered some validity in my eyes.


  1. What about Law Abiding Citizen? Jake watched that the whole way through.

  2. Exactly. To view Law Abiding Citizen as a romantic comedy and then actually sit through Life As We Know It is HUGE. I'm glad to know he at least understands movie genres now...



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