Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Few Steps Back

It's been awhile since I've updated you all on my WW progress- partially because it's been a busy past few weeks and partially because I gained some weight during them.  Frustrating, I know.

I had been doing really well but the temptation of the holidays and all the treats they bring with them got the best of me.  I'm not as upset as I thought I would be, especially after weighing in today and having it mark week number two that I gained!  Total, I put 2.5 pounds back on.  The one thing that keeps running through my mind is if I tried to exercise some self-control this holiday and put on a couple pounds, how much have I been gaining in past years when I was completely oblivious?  That's a scary thought... but it might explain small contributions here and there to my overall "growth" (that's a nice way to put it) since college.

The only thing I can do about it now is put my WW hat back on and make sure I'm thinking about what I eat before it hits my mouth.  It probably wouldn't hurt to throw in a little more exercise into the mix, but I like running and it's gotten pretty cold here (finally!) so we'll see.

I asked for a digital food scale for Christmas this year and Jake got me one (don't judge me, it's hard to track points for certain foods if you don't know their weight).  I've already used it a few times and so far really like it.  It doesn't hurt that it's cute and thus stays out on the counter reminding me to use it (yes, there is such a thing as cute and not cute digital food scales).
Mine looks a lot like this one but is by Cuisinart and a bit brighter shade of orange.


  1. Umm... after reading your last post, I expected to see a PICTURE of YOUR food scale! Booooo!

  2. 1st-- LOVE our food scale and it's not even cute and orange. And don't be distracted by 2.5 lbs, you're doing great and looking awesome.

    PS I like the updated bio on the side. Nicely done.

    PSS I gained 5 lbs between Christmas & the cruise. So, you win. Ugh. 20 to go instead of 15. Bummer.



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