Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Long January

January is over and I couldn't be happier.  Seriously.  As soon as the holidays were over work didn't skip a beat and I've been slammed until now.  By slammed I mean that I didn't take lunch breaks, I went in early and came home LATE, I continued to work from home, and I lost sleep as my mind raced with the next day's to do list... every day.  How lame is that?  Pretty lame.

However, all the preparation was for our annual sales meeting in Dallas which ended on Thursday and was a huge success.  I had tons of people tell me it was the best one yet, which is always nice to hear after killing yourself to prepare for it.  Busy is normal just before an event, and this year I actually had a team helping which was huge!  In addition to the usual tasks at hand, I was also responsible for completing our company intranet in time for it to be rolled out at the meeting.  I had a lot going on at once and a clear deadline that seemed almost impossible, however my team is awesome and we worked together to get it done.  That's that.

Now I've got to keep the intranet meeting the expectations set last week and will transition straight into preparing for our annual awards program in Aruba and our next big trade show this April in San Antonio.  It never stops, but I like a good challenge.  I really enjoy what I do, which is a huge blessing.

On a completely unrelated note, I've lost 17 lbs!  I probably gained a little back after eating at a hotel for 5 days straight, but I'm still really proud of the progress and people are starting to notice.  The compliments I got last week when I saw folks I hadn't seen in months made me feel even better.

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