Tuesday, July 3, 2012

everybody else is doing it

I feel sort of lame doing this but I feel like you see everyone else doing it constantly, so here it goes.  Guys, feel free to stop reading now (yes, there are a few gentlemen that do read my blog).

I was really proud of this little ensemble I pulled together a few months ago which I debuted for the second time today.  Please note that I changed the shoes and added the necklace to change things up just a tad.
I should have taken this in the morning pre-food belly and putting my hair back.
My groupon necklace from Esme (designed by Murphy in Charlotte)


  1. man I love that skirt - seriously stripes win me over every.single.time.
    well done lady, well done.

  2. You look so great!!! And I LOVE that necklace. :) We miss you in Roanoke today, 4th of July just won't be the same without you and Jake.

  3. THAT's a cute outfit. PS You look gooood-- are you doing anything else? Like secretly losing weight through magic?

  4. So THAT is what you look like! I almost FORGOT!!!! What a pretty little sister I have. :)



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