Sunday, July 8, 2012

sweet goodness

I'm not sure what it is (well, I do), but whenever we have people stay at our place I get crazy about cleaning.  The irony in this sudden and short lived obsession is that I focus so much on deep cleaning that I quickly tire out and don't get everything done... big and small!.  So for example, while the inside of our kitchen trash can could be completely disinfected and wiped down inside and out, I will have completely forgotten to take out the trash throughout the house.  This sort of thing carries into every room.  I'll dust the ceiling fan in our bedroom but won't vacuum the stairs.  I mean seriously.  Who is going to go in our room and run their finger across one of our fan blades?  No one.  But who will travel up and down the stairs noticing all sorts of things along the way?  Everyone.

This is all coming out now because we are preparing for our trip to Haiti and as result need to get the house ready for our Tank's sitter/our friend.  I spent hours in my room tonight and have 2 bags full of clothes for goodwill... but the laundry is still piling up, I didn't change the sheets (which was actually on my list), and I created more work for myself finding proper homes for things.

I've still got a few days before we head out.  Wish me luck to get everything done and for Josh to actually feel like the house is clean at first glance... because I already know under close inspection the most random things will pass.


  1. Your sister can help you, you sloppy girl!

  2. If I was staying to watch Tank, would you clean the fan blades? I bet not.



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