Friday, August 17, 2012

We're Moving

Did I already share about our unexpected move?  I honestly can't remember and seeing how I haven't blogged much at all I'm going to go ahead and guess that I haven't.

So here's the deal.  We'd been saving for a house for awhile and went month to month on our lease in June.  Over the summer we'd gone to see a couple houses, but more just to expose us to some neighborhoods and not necessarily because we were in a position to buy.

Well, fast forward a bit to Haiti where we get an email that the owners of our townhouse will be moving back in at the end of September.  And there you have it.  Trying not to let this incite too much panic while we were gone, we decided we needed to kick up our search a notch.

Once back we started exploring options for winter rentals while also paying much closer attention to the listings that came through our email.  I honestly felt like things weren't going to come together- time wise, financially, etc. but as always the Lord provides and I feel blessed that we're scheduled to close September 13th on a house we love and that is completely move-in ready!

Everything fell into place, the way it always does and we are getting pretty excited.  I hope to have more pictures to share soon, but for now here is our soon-to-be home from the outside!


  1. SO exciting! it looks like the Young House Love house (except better cause you have a garage instead of a carport). I'm so jealous of house hunters... Trev bought our house before I met him so I've never experienced the thrills of home hunting. CONGRATS!

    1. It is SO exciting, thanks for the sweet note! I actually follow aka stalk the Young House Love blog so to be compared to them is a great start! I'm even planning to paint my door yellow! It's a combination of always wanting to and seeing theirs and loving it!

  2. I need details! Super exciting news!

  3. Wahoo for you!!! Love your new little home and wish you and Jake the best of luck!

  4. Congratulations! So excited for you two. It is a beautiful home and a great yard! I think you two are going to have lots of great times there!



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