Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Discover Your Decorating Personality

I recently came across the HomeGoods Stylescope while catching up on my girlfriend's blog and couldn't help myself.  Initially I wasn't sure what five images to select, but then I stopped overanalyzing and went with what photos spoke to me per their request.

Looks like I'm Set Sail with a touch of Farmhouse Glam.  Are you surprised?

I had mixed feelings about my design personality at first, so I took the test a few more times, opting for some of the runner-up images I'd debated before.  Wouldn't you know that Set Sail was part of my results every.single.time.  I guess I'm more predictable than I'd like to think.

There's nothing wrong with my design personality, and I'd even like to think I fit their description nicely, but it seemed like the other styles were so much more unique.  Urban Funk, Sassy, Farmhouse Glam- they all sound awesome, and then there is Set Sail...which doesn't leave much room for the imagination.

Oh well, all in all the test was right on for me and my style tendencies.  They did state that they tend to think you are where you live and I can't imagine living anywhere other than the beach, in my house, with my comfy down striped couch, typing on my laptop by light of my coral lamp.
I already follow the blog they suggested, but definitely started following their Set Sail Pinterest board.  I had even already pinned a few of the spaces... shocker.

What's your design personality?  Find out and share!

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