Monday, January 28, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover

Before Jake left for Haiti I decided that I was going to use those two weeks while he was gone to be super productive... in a tangible way.  I set the following goals:
  • Replace the broken blinds in one window with 2" faux wooden blinds for all three windows in our living room.  I know the math seems off- one set of blinds was broken and three ended up being replaced- but I couldn't bring myself to replace the basic blinds with more basic blinds.  When we moved in I wanted to get plantation style blinds and this was my window of opportunity (pun intended).
  • Deep clean the house (including Jake's bathroom).
  • Makeover the master bedroom.
And here's what I accomplished:
  • I purchased new blinds from Home Depot and recruited my brother-in-law, Will to install them.
  • The house was professionally cleaned, but not by me (although I was able to keep it that way for a week until Jake got home).
  • I painted our bedroom (Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore) and Will helped me I helped Will hang curtain rods.
  • Ordered a new duvet from Kohl's and then one from Pottery Barn, both of which did not end up working out.  Ugh.  I'm currently waiting for this one to arrive to test in person.
  • Picked out and ordered linen fabric and blackout lining for custom curtains.  It sounds crazy, but I really love the Pottery Barn blackout linen curtains at 96" but can't afford four panels at $119/panel.  Who can?  I mean seriously.
  • Purchased a fan for our bedroom and requested estimates for installing it.  However, based on the  quotes I got and the fact that we don't know anyone personally who can install it, it will just have to wait.  Hopefully we'll find the time (and money) before it gets warmer.
Before and after shot of our living room window.

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  1. Replacing broken blinds, a master bedroom makeover, deep cleaning Jake’s bathroom, and so on - You definitely accomplished a lot last year. What a productive start of the year. I wonder what your goals are for this year. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s more productive than last year.

    Rene @



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