Friday, July 19, 2013

real progress- now we're talking

When we first moved into our house almost a year ago I had a list of "immediate" things to do- some necessary, but most just preferred.  As you may have already guessed, after the initial excitement wore off so did my zeal.  Needless to say, I came across the original list and realized we have in fact made some progress.

Here is the list and notes from September, with new notes since that update:

1. the mailbox The mailbox and post have been completely replaced, I just need to add house numbers. Numbers have been added, courtesy of our neighbors with the same mailbox.  Imagine that. 

2. the kitchen (long story and I'm sure you'll disagree) This is going to stay on here awhile... turns out the tile is going to be much more difficult to remove than I originally thought and since Jake doesn't want to change the kitchen, it looks like I'm on my own.  Demo starts Monday and, if all goes according to schedule, should be complete by the weekend!

new backsplash with a tiny view of the current tile

3. wall color I painted over the cream walls with a tan/grey color in the hallways and dining room and went a shade darker in the living room (same color from my living room in our townhouse). Still painted.

4. living room This isn't done, but progress has been made.  We replaced a bookshelf I bought my junior year of college (it was under $20 and originally intended for a bathroom) with a tall white cabinet I received as a birthday present and I'm a fan.  I also steam cleaned our couches (although you can barely tell), we added linen curtains, and slowly started hanging artwork.  No news on this front.

5. gallery wall Totally done and I'm really proud of how it turned out.  It may have been completed late the night before our housewarming, but at least it was done (and done well) before the masses arrived.  We've started on the opposite wall.

6. hallway bathroom I'm almost there... I bought a new shower curtain, rug, and hand towels to start and painted the walls Turquoise Mist last night.  All I have left is cabinet hardware and hanging something on the wall(s).  Purchased hardware but didn't love it, so I'm back to square one.

7. front door I have always wanted a yellow front door and that's exactly what I got.  Jake painted ours for me the first weekend we moved in while I was out and it made my day!  I since added a "hello" decal, which I love!

8. porch lights Not even close to deciding. I'm now wondering why I thought this was an immediate need.

9. paint the window shutters All I have to do is paint them black from brown, but it hasn't fell high on the list of priorities.  Done.

10. Find art to fit new our walls and hang what we already own sort of started.  I'm not sure what art wasn't hung at this point so I'm considering this done, although we do have some bare walls still.

11. Master bedroom, including getting a king size bed and a ceiling fan I'm not sure if the desire for a bigger bed is actually new (it's been a reoccurring topic) but the focus on decorating the master bedroom in any way definitely is!  Upgraded to a king size bed in November and had a ceiling fan installed in June- thank goodness.  Now we just need a headboard. #itneverends
king bed with summer bedding

12. Window treatments throughout the house We put 2" faux wood blinds in the front window and linen curtains in our bedroom.
new blinds make a big difference

13. Area rug for living room I still want to do this, but am being picky.  The best part will be when I end up just getting a solid, neutral option and then we'll wonder what took me so long.

14. Dining room table Bought one during a Memorial Day sale and it delivered at the end of June!
Legacy Classic Glen Cove dining room table

15. Buffet/sideboard for dining room I'd love to refinish an older piece but haven't found what I'm looking for yet.  I haven't given up on this- I just haven't come across the right piece for the right price yet.

So what do you think?  Do you like the progress?


  1. pictures!!! post some pics please! esp your front door, it sounds adorable : ) What about a slipcover for the couch?

  2. You have been busy! When do you find time for all of the house projects and travel so much for work? Love everything you have done. With I could be closer to help and see the progress!

    1. The sad part is we've been chipping away at this list, it's just taken me months to post about it!



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