Wednesday, April 14, 2010

daily trial

Spring has inspired some intense cleaning in the McCrowell apartment. When I get in my cleaning mode it's quite scary- I mean there is no cabinet too low to 409 or stain to tough to remove (seriously, I've mastered the removal of ink stains from our white couch- rubbing alcohol, who knew???).

Anyway, the ONE thing I can't seem to overcome is my volcanic hamper. No matter how many times I fold my clothes and put them away, they creep back into and around my hamper in a matter of days, sometimes hours! And I don't mean to imply that it is because I'm dirtying several outfits a day - this is serious - these are clean clothes crumpled into a ball or tossed onto the floor! Why? Who wants to throw their clean clothes onto their more-often-than-not dirty floor?

Not only is this a gross habit, but the resulting daily need to iron simple things like camisoles slows me down and irritates me. Even worse is the fact that I have to literally create a path to my hamper each morning. I'm not kidding, I have to shuffle clothes around to make enough space so that I can approach my hamper- pathetic.

If you identify with this struggle and or have a solution I would love to hear your sorrows and welcome any advice.

Below is a generic photo to represent my hamper on a good day. I say "good" because the clothes are piled high, but aren't falling onto the floor. This height is dangerous, I agree, but it gives the perception the room is cleaner than if things were sprawled across the floor. This is the look I go for if we're expecting company...or I just want to feel accomplished.


  1. Well just be thankful that you don't have kids to clean up after. Oh wait. You have Jake. :-)

  2. Girl, I IDENTIFY! I absolutely HATE laundry. It is literally NEVER done. Jeff has finally just gotten used to trekking to the basement every morning to find something wearable, because it feels kind-of pointless to put it all away etc. :) Good luck! Let me know if you find any solutions!



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