Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fancy Feet

My latest obsession (yes, for the moment I've moved on from Rob) is shoe clips. I was eating with my friend Sallie and she was talking about how she was having custom shoe clips made for her bridesmaids (plaid ones in case you were wondering) and it reminded me of when I was planning my wedding and considered them as well. Honestly, how cute are these?

What I love about shoe clips is that they are interchangeable! I can jazz up my black work pumps AND then some dress shoes...the possibilities are endless- well actually they end with how many shoe options you have, but still you get the point.

Let the record show I have not officially indulged this new interest but am seriously considering it. Too bad I didn't think about this sooner, something like the purple flower would have been an adorable addition to my Easter outfit (still TBD). I can't wait to explain to Jake exactly what these are and why I have to have at least two pairs before summer.

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure...

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