Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I realized today that I might have a problem when during my lunch break the following happened:
My friends from work and I were walking through the mall when we passed f.y.e. (a store that sells cds, dvds, etc.). We were engaged in the usual lunch break talk when I stopped DEAD in my tracks!!! I am not exaggerating. You know when you're driving (not flying, but maintaining a reasonable speed) and out of nowhere you slam on the breaks for a small animal? That is what this exact moment was like! There he was, Edward Cullen!!! Completely forgetting what we had just been talking about I began running through the potential ways to get this life size cut out of Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson) in my house. Like any true Twihard, I had to have it- Jake would understand...with time.
Now that I've come down from my adrenaline high I can rationally think through how to make this happen. I think a financial bribe would be my best bet. By now there has to be a waiting list for it, so the promise of money would be just the push I need to move to the top. The only things standing in my way would be a f.y.e. Twihard employee OR an impressionable teenage employee under the influence of his high school, Robsessed girlfriend (both of which are very likely).

Too bad I could never justify this expense to Jake. For now I've accepted the acquisition to be all together unlikely.

After hearing this story Jake seriously thinks I've lost it. To clear things up, I'd like to make the disclaimer that while the initial appeal and moment in the mall did happen, I am not seriously going to have a cut out of Edward Cullen in my house. If I cross that line, the next thing I know I'll be wearing Team Edward t-shirts on the weekends (too creepy for me)- I prefer fan to fanatic.


  1. It's kind of creeping me out that you have a pic of my boyfriend in your blog. Edward would like to respectfully request that you stop talking about him...and thinking about him. He belongs to me.




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