Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm seeing a pattern here

This weekend was awesome for several reasons:

1. Jake approached me twice in just boxers and a red blanket tied around his neck as a cape..he made strange statements and talked in his version of a superhero voice. It was weird and awesome at the same time!

2. We went on a date! Jake and I had dinner at Zushi (a first for us) and I tried sushi. I've had california rolls, etc. but not the nicer stuff- it wasn't bad at all! The best part was when the waiter placed my plate in front of me and the two tables near us started cheering on my first bite. I am assuming my grossed out/intrigued face let on that I was a newbie. One guy actually welcomed me to the "club"- is there a sushi lovers club? I guess I'm in. After dinner we went to see the movie Green Zone. Let me start with Jake's way off base description- he suggested it, saying it was a Jason Bourne movie. When I asked if it was really another one in the series he said no, it was just the character. To clarify (of course) I asked how Jason Bourne could play in a movie that wasn't a sequel. Then the truth came...it wasn't really Jason Bourne just that style character. Needless to say, the movie and the role Matt Damon played was nothing like the Bourne series, but it wasn't terrible. I should have learned my lesson when it comes to hearing Jake's version of movie descriptions- first time shame on him, second time shame on me.

3. Sunday we checked out Dani & Tim's new house, played a little darts, and had dinner at Wood Chix BBQ. Jake has been obsessing over trying this place out since he watched the owner on the Food Network and again in a cook off with Bobby Flay. He really lost it when we walked in and there was a sign that said "All You Can Eat Buffet $7.99"- aka heaven on earth for Jake!

All in all, a nice weekend! Jake might describe his meals on Saturday and Sunday as magical...and good food is what makes a weekend great for him! It takes a little more than that for me, but the cape sealed the deal from the start.

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  1. Thank goodness he didn't come over wearing that outfit. :-)



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