Friday, March 19, 2010

1/4 cup will do it

Happy Friday! This morning Jake and I were getting ready at the same time- which is always fun...not. However, this morning he was quite the gentleman and let me take a shower first, etc. etc. To show my appreciation, when he asked me to make his lunch sandwiches I complied. This is easy enough to do if time permits and I had that this morning! I put my creations in his tupperware and then carefully into his VT lunch box (it is really cute that he packs everyday and uses a lunch box). When he came in to supervise my work, I asked if he wanted anything else packed, hard-boiled eggs or whatever. He paused to reflect on the day of the week and replied that he didn't take eggs on gets better. He preceded to get out some nuts and a measuring cup. He scooped exactly 1/4 cup into a container along with the ingredients for a protein shake into his bag. I stood in awe and of course asked if his measuring was typical for him...and it was! He admitted to measuring his oatmeal every morning and so forth. I don't really know why I'm surprised.

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