Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bad wife

This past Monday was Jake's birthday and I didn't blog about it. The thing is, I actually thought about it and decided not to (how awful am I???). I've been feeling really bad about this because it should be a blogworthy topic (or so you would think), but honestly this year I couldn't wait for his birthday weekend and day (now extended to week) to be over!

You may be thinking I am a terrible wife or worse, a birthday hater- but I'm not, I promise! That's the crazy thing, I actually LOVE celebrating birthdays. As a matter of fact, until this year I've gone above and beyond in effort to make Jake excited for his BIG day. But slowly Jake has begun ruining these annual moments for me. I mean Christmas was bad enough, but now he took my birthday joy...it's really a shame.

This year, I talked well in advance about having friends get together to go indoor karting or do the new Hanger 09 flight simulation he'd been talking about. Of course, he nixed that idea as soon as he saw the price. So then I moved on to to suggesting a group dinner, something low key... but that earned another thumbs down from the bday boy. So to be honest, I gave up. I decided that if he didn't want to outwardly celebrate, I'd make him at least acknowledge it at home, but that was it. I set out on Saturday to get his gifts- one thing expected (an electric razor) and one surprise (a cycling jersey).

To MY surprise, he came home on Saturday extremely pumped about the cycling jersey he found on sale at Contes...is this a joke??? The one thing I splurged on because I knew he wouldn't expect it was the one thing he'd come home having bought for himself! Unbelievable. I proceeded to tell him that I had purchased something along those lines for his birthday had he waited two more days. He then asked to see what I bought and after looking at it said, "I like the one I got, you should take that back." Kill me now. The upsetting part is that I consider gift giving to be one of my love languages. So that being said, how is that I screw up every gift I get him??? Its tragic.

So, as you can imagine at this point I was done- completely defeated and not excited for his birthday, which was still 2 days away! The morning of his birthday I mustered up all the energy and smiles I could as I gave him his electric razor (anticipated by him already, I'm sure) and card. Then, I patiently waited for him to go to work and finally felt a sense of relief...his bday was half way over.


  1. This made me laugh out loud. For the record, we've been married for 8 years and I have managed to cry on every one of those birthdays. ;-)

  2. Ahh, finally someone who can relate. What is it about them and taking the joy out of birthday celebrations?



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