Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Diet...who's dieting?

The McCrowell household is on a diet. It's awful. Let me tell you how we got here...

During the last week of February Jake told me that starting March 1st we were going on a diet. Naturally, I asked why and he plainly told me he wanted to lose 10lbs. Yes folks, thats what he said. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? If you're reading my blog you most likely know me and as a result know Jake- he doesn't need to lose any weight at all, N O N E!!! So, being a girl with some insecurities I assumed he created this diet for my benefit. I mean thats the only possible explanation, right? I asked him if he thought I needed to lose weight, I mean there are better ways to tell me then blindsiding me with a diet plan and giving my less than 7 days to enjoy all my favorite foods! Without skipping a beat he answers no (smart move on his part) that he races better at 195lbs and he has a race coming up- it was as simple as that (guys aren't complicated like girls, but thats a whole other post). I have to admit, I felt a bit of relief upon hearing this earnest confession and then rage when I comprehended what it meant. Did this mean no treats...at all? This couldn't be happening, but it was and still is.

How am I holding up? Fine. Sneaking my treats has been a challenge but all in all I'm doing ok. We have been eating this salad, rice, and chicken meal (not every day) which is actually good and we just don't keep treats in the house. Jake has additionally tried to reduce his peanut butter intake and I think is slowly cutting out his evening snack, usually 1-2 apples with each slice covered in peanut butter (surprised?).

Honestly, this is actually a good month for this to take place because March is full of birthdays...and with birthdays comes cake, and with that comes no judgement because Jake usually isn't there! Besides, even if he was, who wants to be a party pooper? Not me and definitely not Jake, it goes against his nature!

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