Monday, July 19, 2010

Nosey Neighbor

You know how there are those people who you can feel monitoring the neighborhood from the comfort of behind their blinds? Well, that's me- I've officially become that person in our unit (or whatever you'd call it).

To provide some explanation, our apartment is right near the clubhouse which has the pool to one side and the playground to the other. All the noise begs attention, but what I've really found myself keeping an eye on are the older kids that hang out there. Some of them you can tell are there to watch their younger brother or sister, but some are there for reasons still unknown. I have my speculations of course, but this is why I have turned to keeping a keen eye from our window. It sounds awful and a little bit creepy, but I feel like their lingering is what is really shady here. Regardless of how weird my actions may be, I feel fairly certain they are up to no good (not the words of your average 24 year old, I know). Perfect example- last week there was a high school guy who was hovering over this girl from behind and he was in total c r e e p mode, I could see it in his eyes! I wanted to run outside yelling, "don't be gross, go home"... but I didn't.

Maybe I'm just old school, and I know its summertime, but these older kids hang out there as late as 11:00pm. I mean what appeal does a playground have for someone their age? Seriously, what? And at night...

Another recent experience I had took place sometime after 10pm when I was letting Tank out. No joke, this younger guy and girl flew over the fence surrounding the pool holding their clothes and laughing/screaming. He was at least in board shorts, but she was definitely in her bra and who knows what else... thank goodness she had a towel. They ran past me and ducked into this car that had pulled up to the sidewalk, lights off. Come on, tell me that isn't weird to witness!

I'll admit I might be a little conservative and they could just be having some fun, but it's only a matter of time before I witness a half naked make out session on the playground slide, a fist fight, or a drug sale (that last one might be a bit extreme). I'll keep you posted on any other noteworthy events.

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  1. I'd be freaked out too. They really have no business being there after dark. Is there some kind of HOA you can discuss it with?



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