Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect Saturday

Today was great- it had the perfect balance of productivity and fun. I got some laundry done (shocker) but also went to the pool. I picked up some last minute items for Tank but only after having a good lunch at Captain Groovy's with my Mom (a place I've wanted to try for awhile). And did I already mention getting to ride and drive around in my Mom's new mini cooper??? Well, I did and it was awesome. The weather was perfect for having the top down and we just drove around from place to place in no particular hurry... my preferred way to run errands.

We are almost ready for the trip tomorrow to get the puppy, but as usual I'm going to be tying things up tomorrow up until we leave... always the procrastinator. We've got the camera charged, his crate ready for the car, I've started puppy proofing the house, and we've got his trip must-haves set aside.

Interestingly enough my excitement is keeping me from going to sleep and a puppy 101 show just came on covering all the essential initial training tips and tricks. I wanted to wake Jake up so we could watch it together, but then thought it through and quickly decided he probably wouldn't appreciate losing sleep, let alone be as interested in the show as I was.

I can't wait to share the details of the trip and Tank's transition to his new home! Hopefully I'll actually remember to pack the camera and then use it- that's the key!

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