Wednesday, August 11, 2010

week one: mid-week laughs

mid-week laughs at
E, Myself, and I has started a new blog series and as a friend of hers and fellow blogger I decided to participate! As you can see, "mid-week laughs" will be happening each Wednesday and this week's topic is:

_________ makes me laugh about WEDDINGS!

I'll go ahead and fill in the blank with...

The re-purpose shuffle makes me laugh about WEDDINGS!

You know how you see certain items at the ceremony magically appear for display at the reception? That's what I mean when I say re-purpose. I'm not making fun of this effort because I appointed someone to conduct the shuffle at my wedding (thank you Sallie Ray), but it never ceases to amaze me .

I mean really think about it. How often do you show up to a reception and see the altar flowers on the entry table and the guest book already neatly displayed? Let's give the shuffler of said items some credit because in the time it took you to mosey from the ceremony to the reception the shuffler discretely grabbed all items on the bride's move list, somehow beat you to the party, set everything in place, and has a drink in one hand and a hors' dourve in the other! Amazing.

As a matter of fact, the wedding I went to this past weekend was no exception to this magic act. Upon arrival I was first greeted by wreaths on the country club doors, striking a strong resemblance to the ones hung on the church's doors 20 minutes beforehand. Next, I saw the the mantle adorned with an arrangement that I know I saw on the altar. On top of that, I assume the guest book was moved too (but that I can't confirm). The crazy thing is that I was hanging outside of the church and never noticed the wreaths being grabbed or a flower arrangement of any type being shuffled out... that's how good these people are! Its insane and I love it. It is just a tiny bit of insight into all the behind the scenes planning and work that goes into

Of course I noticed the new home for all these items because I requested the exact same things make it from the church to my reception site as well!

Wreaths on the church doors at my wedding.

Wreath at my reception. Enough said.


  1. Oh Amanda! THANK YOU for being my first (and only) contributor today... At least you and I will have something to write about on Wednesdays! Haha!

    GREAT post! I had never really thought about that... But, it is SO true! Hilarious! :)

  2. Of course! I am looking forward to it! Is it weird that I can hear you saying, "hilarious"??? Because I definitely can.



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