Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vet Nightmare

I don't want to become that dog owner who obsessively talks/writes about her pet, but I think when noteworthy things happen in regards to Tank that they should be shared. So without further ado I want to talk about his first vet appointment on Friday.

Long story short, it was a total nightmare (in case you didn't gather from the title of this post). He went in for some shots and a check up and came out with a trauma he would spend 30+ hours working past.

I knew it was going to be a rough appointment when he screamed just at having his ears cleaned. Don't get me wrong, if someone shoved a Q-tip that far down both of my ears I'd react too, but that was just the beginning. Next came the shots in different locations and finally a dose of liquid through his little baby snout. It was too much to watch and apparently too much too endure at just 4.6 lbs.

When we left he seemed ok, just frazzled. However, by the time we got home he was ready for a nap in his crate- something very unusual for him. After giving him some alone time, I tried engaging him with his favorite toy fish, Mr. Griggles. No such luck. He didn't want to chase him, chew on him, or even lay near him. All he wanted to do was sleep in his crate away from me and Jake. Whenever we touched him or tried to pick him up he would scream and whimper. Naturally after witnessing all these symptoms of distress, I cried. He was traumatized and I was the one who put him through it.

When I noticed that Jake was alarmed as well, I called the vet. They asked if he exerted any of the symptoms they requested I watch for and I said no. They assured me at his size and with what he had done that it was natural for him to be sore. I vowed to give it just over 24 hours before I brought him back in. Sure enough, Sunday morning he stopped whimpering when touched and was all about Mr. Griggles...what a relief!

He is acting completely normal and has gotten lots of extra love this weekend. Now all I'm worried about is his next appointment in three weeks! Thank goodness I scheduled it for Jake's day off... its his turn to bear it!


  1. I remember those days! Heck... the worrying really never stops. Be strong for him when he goes and try to make it as fun as possible so that he doesn't develop a fear of the vet. Mags has a fear (if you can believe it) and she shakes and shivers like a leaf when we go. Charlie is fine though, as long as it is not thundering.

  2. Here's a good dog story... we get home yesterday, everything looks good-- except for the backyard from the storm. Turns out though, that Maxi got into a bag of Lindt's chocolates that I got for a bridal shower-- they were individually wrapped, and inside a paper package, then inside of a sealed zip top bag. She's fine apparently but seriously, just when you think they can't do something crazy, they do. And how did a dose of chocolate have no effect on her? Not sure, but THANK goodness we dodged that vet bill.

    Oh the joys of having furry family members.

    PS. thanks for everything this week/weekend. <3

    PSS. Update your blog, yo.

    PSSS. I think Jake has Will hooked on Silly Bandz. Noooo.



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