Wednesday, September 1, 2010

interesting day at the office

Most of you know that I plan my company's industry/internal events for a living along with other various marketing tasks, of course... but if you didn't, now you do.  Anyway, each time a large national event draws near I get insanely busy at work.  I can certainly fill up a 40 hour week year round but when an event is close I stay late, eat through lunch, dream about things I need to do, and randomly write post-its to myself while at home.  It's intense.

Today though hit a whole new level I didn't think I ever would.  I had a panic attack at work.  It came out of nowhere.  One minute I'm walking to my desk and the next minute I'm looking at some mock ups that weren't the final files I was expecting.  All of sudden my chest got tight and it felt like I was getting less air.  Now, I've had panic attacks before and this was mild (in terms of my outward reaction) but it was still an anxiety attack nonetheless.  I stayed calm, controlled my breathing and tried to compose myself so I could work.  Of course, my close friend Gillian knew something was up, but I assured her I knew how to handle it.

I'm still baffled.  I didn't even think I was overly stressed.  I guess the body has a way of taking over when you're not doing a good job respecting your limits.

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  1. I totally feel your pain. Panic attacks are usually a weekly, if not daily, occurrence for me... mainly brought on by my boss who frankly, needs to retire... love your blog by the way!



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