Sunday, September 18, 2011

oh my word

One of my company's larger events is finally over and I feel like I'm back to an almost normal schedule.  It's been pretty crazy and I haven't been able to be my usual social self.

I started to blog about the past few weeks (mainly regarding work) but then decided since that hectic season is almost over I don't really want to revisit the stress associated with it.  So, let's not.  I got back from Phoenix late Friday and leave for Boston early Tuesday.  It doesn't feel like enough time to be home and I've realized I'm not at all what some call a "road warrior".  Nope, it just isn't for me.  I'd like to think it has something to do with the hours I put in and pace at which I work when traveling, but other things like time with Jake come into play as well.  In the 5 days that I was gone, Jake and I talked once for less than 3 minutes and emailed a quick exchange regarding when I'd be home- that's it.  I have no desire for that to become normal or routine in our lives, nor do I want to work the way I have been leading up to this trip.  I'm hopeful with our new hire starting in another week that things will get much better.  I realize getting her up to speed will be a task in and of itself, but at least one that I'm looking forward to!

Then, in case that won't provide enough relief, Jake and I are actually taking a vacation!!!  Yes, you read correctly, we are going on a trip to Maine... just the two of us!  I can hardly wait.  Our second anniversary is coming up and we will be in Bar Harbor during it and Portland and another town before that!  I'm looking forward to the cool weather and being able to see and do everything Maine has to offer before it starts to shut down for the end of tourist season.   We've both picked specific things we'd like to do while there and I'd say the agenda is the perfect balance of our interests!  There are wineries and breweries we want to check out, easy hikes with beautiful scenery in Acadia National Park, and so far the places we've made reservations to stay are a nice compromise for our likes.  The fact that we have reservations for where to sleep at all, let alone in fun places, is a big step for Jake and I'm thankful.  We're both really looking forward to the time away together and celebrating another year of a blessed marriage!

I have more to say, but am a bit tired and want to try and spread it out so not as much time passes again before you hear from me.  You'll hear from me soon, promise.

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