Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Preparation

Well I wouldn't have thought I'd ever say I experienced an earthquake and a hurricane within a week of each other (especially in Virginia Beach, I mean really?) but by the end of this weekend I'll be able to.

Hurricane Irene is still headed our way and residents, just like when it randomly snows here, have lost their minds.  I ran a few errands to get ready (grabbed some cash, filled up my tank, and got some non-perishable food) nothing serious, but while I was out it clearly registered that Irene has made people crazy... or at the very least completely inconsiderate of others.  I don't care to elaborate because then I'd have to relive the most annoying parts to my day, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Back at the office, we were getting email after email with PDFs on hurricane preparedness and notes of things to do before the weekend and the office closes completely.  We were asked that if we sit near a window to put the blinds down and try to turn our screens or equipment toward the wall.  Easy enough.

Meet Leanne... well more like Leanne's desk (yes, someone sits there).  "Leanne" just started with the company a few weeks ago (her true identity is being protected) and took the hurricane emails from HR very seriously.  A few things you should know is that Leanne does NOT sit beside a window and obviously did more than turn her electronic equipment against the walls of her cube.  

Every picture or document pinned up in her cube has been taken down, the frames put in drawers, monitor turned around, her file cabinet was moved, and the top of her desk has been entirely cleared off.  As for me, I forgot to move my monitor and turn off my surge protector.  Whoops.

Photo Update as of 8:39am on 8/29:

Looks like Leanne's desk is basically back to normal.  However, my co-workers and I think she might be holding some things back  for fear of what this week could bring.  Its either that or she thought now was the time to avoid putting back up some of the newbie materials they post in your cube to help you get started and remember things.  


  1. Haha! Hope Leanne survives :) be safe tomorrow!

  2. That is funny! As I sit here listening to the rain and wind pound our house, are you sure that you don't want to go to lunch? :) What would Leanne do?



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