Monday, August 8, 2011

when it rains it pours

I try not to vent too much on my blog but I've got to go there today.  Jake and I are both blessed to have jobs that we enjoy and are grateful for the Lord's provision.  BUT every once in awhile things seem to hit all at once and you get overwhelmed at the money pouring out of your account... now is one of those times.

We moved into our new place at the end of May and had some initial charges hit to set up our utilities, etc.  We noticed it had been awhile since receiving any bills, but thought that it might take some time before we did (that would only make sense since nothing came through the mail).  As suspected, the Verizon bill hit for just short of 60 days of service, our water bill from June through August just came, our car insurance hit, I needed glasses, Tank got neutered (oh, theres so much more I could share about this), and OH WAIT, I literally just opened up a statement saying that my recent dentist appointment is being denied due to my provider being out-of-network!  Seriously.  Of course, here I sit after hours and completely anxious over what this means!  If I know anything about dental work, I know that you better wait until you have insurance before you make an appointment because their services aren't cheap!

I think the reason I'm most frustrated about the denial is that my dentist office sought me out after being almost a year since my last visit.  I was clear in that first call that I changed providers and wasn't sure whether they were in my network anymore.  I explained to them what two providers I would have had (not knowing for sure which was the new and which was the old) and they assured me that they were covered by almost all of them.  Even when I arrived to my appointment and began filling out paperwork I reviewed Jake's employer information and insurance card prior to the visit.  The receptionist didn't seem bothered at all by by insurance information despite my being uncertain abut all that was covered since it was in my husband's name.  She quickly pacified the my nerves and assured me it was fine before sending me back to get my annual x-rays, cleaning, you name it.

It wasn't until today that I even thought again about that appointment!  As a matter of fact, they made my next appointment for 6 months from now right there on the spot and told me with my insurance there shouldn't even be a co-pay fro today's visit.  Now tell me how I wouldn't have any financial obligation if you're not a dentist in my network???  Also, why in the world would you think I'd be willing to come back 6 months later and pay out of pocket for your services AGAIN?  Don't get me wrong, my dentist is pretty cool with his black scrubs and full sleeve tattoo, but I'm happy to see someone new whose services are FREE instead.

Needless to say, one lengthy and anxious voicemail to my dentist after hours and this post later I'm here still feeling uneasy.  I have no idea what this will even cost and quite honestly I'm afraid to find out!

I hope there is a cap on something like this since we do in fact have dental insurance and I'll be praying that my dentist finds some culpability since they allowed me to go into my appointment believing I was 100% covered.  I mean I've been a patient there since before I got braces, which dates back to elementary school... that's got to count for something!

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