Thursday, August 11, 2011

rest easy

Shortly after my rant about our insurance letter denying the costs from my recent teeth cleaning, I got a call that put all my worries to rest (and had me wondering how crazy I must have sounded that night in the message I left for my dentist's office)!

Long story short, the reason the fees were denied was because Dr. Paul Berger is out of network... as a matter of fact hes retired and thus out of any and all networks!  However, his sons, Dr. Chris & Dr. Arnold are not.  They just recently graduated and took over the family business which is causing quite the confusion with my insurance company.  Apparently I'm not the first patient to receive this sort of letter and despite months of trying to have the change made permanently, my dentist believes I won't be the last.

Bless the receptionist's heart she was so nice, assuring me that she's had to have this same conversation plenty of times and for me not to feel embarrassed about my frantic message (easier said than done).  I apologized for behaving borderline crazy in the middle of the night and thanked her over and over again for calling me back so quickly and setting things straight.  They had addressed the situation the day before with my insurance company, but I guess the letter was already in route so they couldn't avoid the scare.

Needless to say, I'll be keeping my January appointment and am even going to send Jake their way!

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