Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Turning 27

I was sort of indifferent about my birthday this year.  I don't mean to be a party pooper, but there isn't anything special about turning 27... it actually just makes me realize I'm that much closer to 30.  And while turning 30 isn't a bad thing, it just seems like there are so many things I should accomplish by then and time is  flying by.

In light of my recent birthday and this reality, I went ahead and updated my 30 Before 30 and was able to cross some things off the list.  Feel free to help me prioritize what's left.

30 before 30

1. Take a pottery class  this is still a hope
2. Spend a weekend in the Big Apple  maybe this winter?
3. Read the whole Bible
4. Become a dog owner 
5. Move with Jake to a new place for both of us  does our new house count?
6. Host and cook a holiday meal for family
7. Travel to another country  we went to Haiti last July
8. Try my hand at cycling or a spin class, maybe form a hobby
9. Go on a mission trip
10. Visit a castle
11. Visit a vineyard on the west coast 
12. Become very involved with or work for a charity/non-profit  I am trying to continue supporting St. Vincent's through the Red Thread Promise
13. Run more than one half marathon in a single year 
14. Take a spontaneous trip (less than a week's notice)
15. Keep reading... I'd like to average reading a book a month, which equals roughly 64 new books by my 30th birthday 
16. Discover my signature dish and perfect it  my veggie lasagna is pretty good
17. Confidently wear a bikini... in public, not just at the pool
18. Take a "girls only" trip
19. Buy a piece of art (not necessarily anything fancy, but a piece I love and appreciate) 
20. Pay off more than 50% of our school loans
21. Be more proficient on a Mac than a PC  a newer Mac would help
22. Become more versed in Adobe Creative Suite
23. Swim with dolphins
24. Take a professional quality photograph; I want people to assume I bought it
25. See/meet someone famous
26. Revamp an old piece of furniture  I've finished a few pieces 
27. Throw/Attend a baby shower for either Alison or Dani (I'm ready to be an aunt)
28. Talk about/start trying for kids
29. Learn to ski or snowboard
30. Buy a house  we are still getting used to this fact ourselves


  1. #7 counts for #9
    You come tutor with me and that counts for #12
    You've also done #19. You bought that piece from Hannah.

    1. All valid points except that I didn't pay Hannah... yet.

  2. Agreed-- 7 counts for 9. #5 definitely counts, and you've made major headway The thing is to have dreams & goals-- time is relative, living is what counts. And don't hold your breath on #27 from me toots. I just called you toots. ;) <3

    1. You wouldn't be the first person to call me that...

  3. I'm ready to go... just say when and we can knock out 1/2 the list... I am ready to travel and always ready to see another castle... YOU are on YOUR OWN with#17!!!

    1. Well your 50th might be my ticket out of the country again... and to a castle! I say we leave the fellas at home so I can cross off #17 while we're at it!



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